Essentia Announces Alan Gunn as Managing Director

HOUSTON, November 20, 2023 – Essentia Advisory Partners celebrates the addition of Alan Gunn as Managing Director to our team! 

With over 30 years of experience spanning the energy value chain, Alan brings a remarkable level of deal-to-cash expertise across crude oil, refined products, natural gas, and power. Prior to joining Essentia, in executive leadership roles at the foremost companies in commodity trading software, Alan and the teams he built have a string of achievements which have helped shape the CTRM software industry into the form it is today. 

Like much of the leadership at Essentia, Alan’s career began with roles on the customer side. In Alans’ case, he was part of the market operations team for Texas Eastern Transmission that drove rules under ORDER 636 for natural business.  He gained experience in nominations, scheduling and marketing operations. Later, Alan took a leadership role at Altra Energy, one of the foundational gas marketing technology solutions, a forefather to today’s leading CTRM platforms. After growing the Altra business to nearly $100M revenue annually, Alan took leadership roles and drove similar revenue & market share growth at firms including:

  • Kiodex, the first true software-as-a-service CTRM, growing that business to over $22MM in revenues annually.  
  • Solarc, where his contributions to product management, software development, and sales established RightAngle as the premier platform it is today.  He also helped in the sale of SolArc to Heldman and Friedman which merged with Ion’s Open Link Financial. 
  • FIS SunGard, revitalizing sales of the platform offerings and achieving 200% of revenue targets.
  • Adapt2, accelerating the go-to-market strategy across sales & marketing resources, introducing a proactive account management approach, resulting in an expanded client base of numerous  municipal power companies and numerous top tier power generation companies. 

Most recently, Alan’s sales force enablement practice has provided training, enablement, and mentoring in sales process and go-to-market strategy utilizing the 2Win! Global methodology, enabling his client’s staff to excel in product demonstrations & presentations, over-achieving on revenue targets. 

At Essentia, Alan will lead the sales force, automation, and artificial intelligence practice, bringing customer relationship management platforms to the energy industries commercial front office. 

“At Essentia, most of our team have walked in our client’s shoes which is a differentiator for us and driving force behind our growth.  Our ability to take technology to improve business outcomes for our clients is the key to what we do,” said Wes Colwell, Managing Partner at Essentia. “Alan brings that mindset to our team. For our clients that have crude, NGLs and gas marketing trading teams, Alan’s understanding of what those commercial leaders need will help our customers utilize platforms like Salesforce to compete effectively, win more deals, and interface that information seamlessly into the customers’ commodity trading risk management platform. We’re excited to introduce Alan to our market”. 

Alan has a Bachelor of Accounting from Texas A&M University – Gig’em! 

We are delighted to have Alan join the Essentia team and excited at the valuable contributions to come to our clients!

About Essentia

Essentia is a Houston-based consulting firm focused on partnering with energy and commodity trading companies to help them maximize their return on investment from trading systems & technologies. Since our founding in 2016, our team has grown to 85 full-time consultants who have, as Essentia, implemented or upgraded Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) solutions at more than two dozen companies across North America. With an experience-laden team and hyper-focus on the client, we are proud of our record of taking clients From Start to Success and our impressive client satisfaction, as demonstrated by subsequent engagements with many of our clients.

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