Essentia Announces Rahim Kabani as Director

HOUSTON, May 12, 2023 – Essentia Advisory Partners celebrates the addition of Rahim Kabani to our team, where he will lead our Regulatory Compliance Advisory team.

Rahim brings 15 years of derivatives trading & regulatory compliance experience for multiple jurisdictions spanning the United States, Canada, and European regulatory authorities. Prior to joining Essentia, Rahim spent a decade at one of the largest global trading exchange and clearinghouses, specifically working within the eConfirm and Trade Vault platforms. In this role, Rahim led over 100 trading exchange interface implementations for commodity trading clients across industries and geographies. A derivative regulation expert, Rahim also developed the reporting framework for one of the worlds’ largest supermajor oil & gas companies, serving as the in-house commodity futures trading compliance and technology expert. In addition to energy commodity trading, Rahim also has extensive experience advising many global investment banks on the business, technical, and legal processes related to regulatory trade reporting & compliance. 

The combination of Rahim’s functional, technical, and derivatives reporting expertise represents another expansion and further differentiation of Essentia’s ability to deliver unmatched services for our clients. 

Rahim is fluent in 4 languages and currently working to master a 5th. We are thrilled to have Rahim join the Essentia team! 

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