The mining business is capital intensive. From equipment leases fixed costs to the variable costs of catalysts and water supply, the all-in sustaining costs of metal commodities are high and generally fixed.

The market price is however exposed to price risk fueled by supply and demand and other fundamentals. This price risk calls for sophisticated hedging programs, processes and systems which we help mining companies deploy.


Managing metals trading books across base and precious metals, refined and concentrates and physical and paper trading requires more than spreadsheets and generalist ERP systems can provide.

We have a proven track record of assisting metals traders, such as investment banks with systems and processes to accurately track, value, report on all their trading activity across various types of financial instruments.


Metal refiners take metal concentrates as input into their refineries and produce refined metals in various shapes, ingots for example. Given the energy intensity of the refining process, refiners must account for market risk associated with the price of electricity and fuels in addition to the volatility of metal prices.

Arriving at a clear picture of PnL, valuation of inventories of concentrates and refined metal and financial hedges for metals and energy requires fit-for-purpose systems and best practice business processes. As experts in Energy and Commodity Trading, we assist refiners in various areas to address common industry challenges.

Industrial Consumers

Industrial consumers of metal commodities need to be able to forecast their metal requirements over a given time horizon and hedge their open positions using long-term physical contracts as well as futures, options and swaps, among other types of hedging mechanisms.

Doing this efficiently across multiple metals with complex pricing formulae, quality adjustments creates challenges that require commodity trading and risk management systems and processes expertise which we possess at Essentia as demonstrated by track records with our various clients.