Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Practice

Whether a client is looking to reduce its carbon footprint or manage a complex portfolio of renewable generation assets, Essentia Advisory Partners can help. Leveraging renewable energy to reduce a company’s carbon footprint does not have to mean a major investment in capital, time, or real estate. We help each client find solutions that overcome real-world constraints quickly, smoothly, and effectively.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

For companies looking for creative and affordable ways to reduce their net carbon footprint, our process begins with understanding each client’s goals, budget, and energy consumption. From here, Essentia helps each client plan the optimal approach for integrating renewables, based on our team’s extensive power market expertise. Solutions can range from an RFP to seek out a competitive “installation-free” renewably sourced energy plan to pairing the client with a developer to help them in constructing onsite solutions such as solar panels.

ETRM and Technology Solutions for Renewables

For clients who are seeking strategic support and systems solutions to manage complex portfolios of existing assets or offtake contracts, our Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) team can help improve the processes and controls required to manage renewable generation offtake. From forecasting and scheduling wind and solar assets to complex royalty calculation and disbursement, our expertise in power operations and data management has helped multiple clients manage their green power portfolios across North American and Mexico power markets, including ERCOT, PJM, CAISO, and CENACE. Whether the challenge is REC trading and management, integrating turbine-level SCADA data into downstream systems, or anything in between, Essentia’s deep expertise in ETRM and power operations can help.