1. Review of Derivative Instruments in Mexico’s Power Auction

  2. CTRM and CPG

    CPG’s Exposure to Commodity Volatility Participants in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector are exposed to the volatility of commodity markets. In an industry where price elasticity is high and there is high availability of substitute goods, industry participants are unable to pass on adverse commodity market movements to the…

  3. CTRM Review

    The longer it has been since your CTRM implementation went live, the more likely it is that performance issues and a mismatch between the business’ ever evolving requirements and the CTRM’s installed capabilities have arisen. Furthermore, many CTRM implementations were customized with extensions to the core data model and custom scripts that deliver new functionality….

  4. Profit And Loss Explained

    Profit And Loss Explained Profit and loss explained analysis and reporting has become a required tool for the middle and front office. Brian Shydlo of Essentia Advisory Partners looks at what needs to be considered when designing and developing P&L explained reporting systems, and considers some exciting potential uses for it. Profit and loss explained…

  5. Case Study: Energy Solutions

    The Challenge As deregulation of the México energy market continues, Mexican businesses with significant energy commodity exposure must implement proven trading and risk management practices that will enable them to meet challenges and succeed in the new market. Recently, our client, one of the largest energy companies in Mexico, launched an evaluation of technology capabilities…